Who we are

Baukunst [consult] GmbH offers services for museums, institutions of the church as well as private persons, planers and architects. Our range of services reaches from historical research, the planning, examination and assessment of buildings, to the management of projects and quality assurance.

The synergetic effects of the interdisciplinary mode of operation of Baukunst [consult] GmbH guarantee for an optimisation of processes in terms of the planning and preparation of projects as well as an increase in quality in the actual execution of these projects. Baukunst [consult] GmbH sees each project as an individual challenge of its own right. We connect the precepts of restauration with the actual possibilities of their execution in terms of the respective, individual projects. A thorough and detailed analysis of the respective object, its history and material are at the very beginning of each and every intervention and form a basis for our further course of action. This analysis is also a prerequisite for the clarification of the legal regulations. Based on the data resulting from the above mentioned investigations and research, we then elaborate a plan for the restauration and refurbishment of the object, thereby saving our customers time as well as money.

By means of a detailed investigation of the history and condition of the object as well as the coordination and standardization of the processes, Baukunst [consult] GmbH can guarantee to meet the high quality demands in the field of the refurbishment of ancient monuments and cultural heritages.


Mag. Ingrid Rathner

CEO of Baukunst Consult GmbH. Responsible for restauration- and research projects. Has been working in the field of restauration of cultural heritages and preservation of ancient monuments since 1996. Studied History of Arts at the University of Vienna and the Universitá degli Studi di Siena, Facoltá di Lettere e Filosofia. Graduate of the college for arts and design, with a special emphasis on Chemistry and Technology. Master of glazier. Professional and certified carpenter. School leaving examination of the college of arts. Publications and lectures on topics such as building history and the care and preservation of ancient monuments. Member of ICOMOS Austria.

BM Dipl.Ing. Thomas Graf MSc.

CEO of Baukunst Consult GmbH. Studied Cultural Technology at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences (BOKU), Vienna. Long-time experience as leader of projects and groups as well as coordinator of quality in the field of infrastructure. Postgraduate diploma in Restoration and Revitalisation at the University of Krems. Master-builder.